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Dört Mevsim Lastikleri Neden Mükemmel Seçim Olabilir?

The benefits of choosing an all-season tire


Fast facts why you should buy all-season tires

Our AllSeasonContact™ tires are innovative, fully controlled, and balanced, with year-round safety and efficiency.

How is that, you ask? Let us outline the benefits for you:

  • Impressive grip on snow-covered and wet winter roads.
  • Good braking performance on dry and wet summer roads.
  • Best-in-class rolling resistance performance, which leads to significant reduction of fuel consumption without compromising on safety aspects.
  • They can be bought and fitted all year round.
  • Aquaplaning performance: Sophisticated shoulder groove geometry combined with a higher net-to-gross ratio ensures optimised water displacement characteristics, and is essential for safe driving throughout the year.
  • All-season means great performance and traction in both hot and cold conditions, rain, mud, slush, and even light snow. 

Are all-season tires worth it?

All-season tires are made from an intermediate rubber compound that gives the vehicle the optimum levels of performance and traction in all conditions, except during extreme winter conditions (when you have to switch to winter tires). 

When buying new tires, they must match the distance travelled during the year. The predominant weather in your region - especially in winter - also plays a role in your choice.


Continental'in ödüllü lastikleri, tarafsız endüstri testlerinde mükemmel performans gösterir ve yıl boyunca lastik ihtiyaçlarınızı karşılar. Siz sadece seçim yapın!

Tread, traction, grip: is durability key to value?

Our all-season tires provide impressive durability all year round as well as optimal grip and good braking performance, in all but extreme conditions. In fact, in milder winter conditions, all-season tires are extremely durable, as their compound is super solid. Additionally, our all-season tires’ balanced tread depth provides high fuel-efficiency, best-in-class rolling resistance and excellent mileage. 

What other factors could affect your tire choices?

Value for money is a genuine concern for any consumer buying new tires, but when it comes to decision making time, safety, comfort, noise and convenience are also important factors to consider.


Continental all-season tires provide superb performance all year round. All-season tires score highly on issues such as noise level and driving comfort. Plus, there’s the the added convenience of not having to store different sets of tires or change them.

With Continental all-season tires, you can be rest assured that the high levels of advanced German engineering are providing value, performance and convenience in all but the most extreme driving conditions.

One tire. Four seasons

The best time to buy all-season tires is, well, any time. Unlike seasonal tires, they are not dependent on weather changes. Continental’s AllSeasonContact carries both the ‘M+S’ symbol, meaning the tires are suitable for driving in mud and snow, and the 3PMSF (3 peak mountain snowflake) symbol that indicates that they’re certified for use in locations where snow tires are legally required.

Moreover, with all-season tires, there’s no need to keep a check on temperature changes because they’ll keep you motoring all year round – even in light snow.

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